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Commercial Motor

Important Notes

You must support your claim with documents otherwise you may not be able to claim under your policy.

If you have made any false or fraudulent statements or held back or falsely stated any material fact whatsoever, your claim may be refused.


Covers any total or partial loss and/or damage to your motor vehicle, due to collision, impact, overtunrning, skidding or falling into, including malicious act, theft, fire, and lightning

Transport or towing to the workshop or another place to prevent or minimize such loss and/or damage.

  • Third Party Liability
  • Personal Accident for Driver
  • Personal Accident for Passenger, max. 4 (four) Passengers
  • Flood
  • Earthquake, Tsunami, & Volcanic Eruption
  • Strike, Riot, and Civil Commotions (SRCC)
  • Terrorism & Sabotage (TS)
  • Ultimate Service:    

      - New For Old
      - Ambulance Fee
      - Medical Expenses
      - Personal Effect / Personal Belongings

      - Emergency Roadside Assistance (ERA)

  • Authorized Body Repair
  • Transport Allowance, IDR 150,000/day, max. 5 (five) days, after 7 (seven) days repair in the workshop
  • Theft By Driver