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Sompo Insurance Indonesia will continue growing by carrying a business strategy aligned with Sompo’s Group philosophy.

The last 12 month has been a very challenging time for all members of the Sompo family.

We closed 2017 with strong premium growth (+17.2%) significantly higher than the market growth (2.7%).

Various numbers of new business partners from banking, automotive to airlines companies marked Sompo’s rapid movement throughout the year in broaden our business networks. Sompo Insurance Indonesia has received numbers of achievement such as “Best General Insurance” for 10 consecutive years since 2006-2016 from InfoBank Award and "The Most Innovative General Insurance 2017" from Global Brands Magazine Award 2017.

In 2018, Sompo Insurance Indonesia will continue growing by carrying a business strategy aligned with Sompo’s Group philosophy which strives to contribute to the security, health, and well-being of our customers and society as a whole. In doing so, we are delighted to provide you the insurance and related services with the highest quality possible.

Going forward, we will further broaden our business activities through digital platforms, innovative products and solutions to solidify our positions in Indonesia Insurance market. By owning customer`s trust and loyalty for over 100 years in Japan and more than 40 years in Indonesia, it is predicted that the use of digital platforms in Sompo Insurance Indonesia's business activities would be contributing to a higher satisfaction and better acceptance by customers and business partners.

We believe we are on the right track to be one of the best general insurance companies in Indonesia, we enjoy working together with you and we are committed to serve better services for you, our customers and business partners.

Sincerely yours,

Eric Nemitz

Chief Executive Officer

Sompo Holdings

Sompo has grown to be one of Japan’s largest property and casualty insurance groups, operating for over a century since 1888. With our strong partnerships ensuring ample high quality assets and liquidity, we always satisfy our obligations to clients and stakeholders. Backed by the financial strength of Sompo Japan Nipponkoa, we are established in both emerging and developed countries worldwide, further cementing our reputation as a truly global business network.

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Financial Highlight

Brand Sompo & Group Management Philosophy

Express the width of our business domain not only insurance but also related services and our will to be the best customer service provider both at home and abroad.

We will at all times carefully consider the interests of our customers when making decisions that shape our business. We will strive to contribute to the security, health, and well being of our customers and society as a whole by providing insurance and related services of the highest quality possible.

To provide the highest possible quality of service to our customers, we will :
1. Treat each and every customer with sincerity, and act in the knowledge that our every action as an individual shapes our entire reputation as a company;
2. Act with initiative, set ourselves the highest goals, and always learn from our actions;
3. Strive to be both prompt and clear in our dealings and activities; and,
4. Act with the utmost integrity.

Our goal is to always be the best customer service provider both at home and abroad.

1. Pursuit of Service Quality

We will constantly aim for the highest possible quality in all our business processes in order to become the best service provider for our customers.

2. Enhancement of Corporate Value through Sustained Growth

We will endeavor to realize our Group Vision by strategically investing business resources in growths areas to enhance our earnings and corporate value.

3. Pursuit of Business Efficiency

We will maximize our strengths through group-wide collaboration in all areas in order to promote efficiency in our operations and stability in our operational base.

4. Highly Transparent Governance Systems

In acknowledgement of our social responsibility and obligations as an insurance and financial services business, we will base our operations on highly transparent governance, effective risk management, and compliance system.

5. Fulfillment of Our Social Responsibilities

We use our corporate strengths to address social issues concerning the environment, health and medical care and, by engaging in constructive dialogue, strive to fulfill our social responsibilities and contribute to the realization of a social sustainability.

6. Creation of a Vibrant Workplace

We will strive to create a dynamic and open organizational environment wherein we as individuals and together as a corporate group may thrive and grow together.

Sompo Insurance Indonesia

PT. Asuransi Sompo Japan Nipponkoa Indonesia was established in Indonesia in June 2013 as a new company, following the merger of each parent company through the management integration of Sompo Japan Insurance Inc and Nipponkoa Insurance Co. Ltd.

corporate-profileBoth existing company, PT. Asuransi NIPPONKOA Indonesia and PT. Sompo Japan Insurance Indonesia, each has more than 30 years long history in Indonesian insurance market.

As well as other various businesses all over the world, PT. Sompo Japan Nipponkoa Indonesia is also a member of Sompo Japan Nipponkoa Holdings, which was founded in September, 1st 2014.

With the overarching strategic target of becoming one of the leading general insurance company in Indonesia, in terms of customer value, our company will aim for sustainable growth and contribution to a sustainable society.

With our new financial strength, abundant experiences and very long history, PT. Asuransi Sompo Japan Nipponkoa Indonesia will always keep committed to deliver maximum solution, protection and service to all customers.

Our Journey

PT Sompo Insurance Indonesia The name of company was officialy changed to PT Sompo Insurance Indonesia

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Board of Commissioner

​Mr. Ronald Kumalaputra
President Commissioner
Mr. Daniel Neo
Mr. Suparwanto
Independent Commissioner
Mrs. Susandirini
Independent Commissioner

Board of Director

Mr. Eric Nemitz
President Director
Mr. Tatsuya Kuroki
Vice President Director
Mr. Ismoyo Subandrio
Mr. Erixon Hutapea